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​Cards of the day: knight of wands, 2 of swords (reversed), 7 of Cups (reversed)

Theme of the day: it’s  time to make some choices! Take time to reflect!

Knight of Wands popped up again this week to remind you that any new projects or ideas that you are beginning to work on are right for you! Also if you are thinking about getting a new job or want to look for a new home go for it! This card is also reminding you to look before you leap & take calculated risks. Using discernment will assure your success & will keep you from making mistakes that come from error in judgement. 2 of swords reversed indicates that you  may be feeling a bit confused because an overload of information is being thrown at you. You can also see all of the options available to you but you just don’t know where to begin. The real also be a bunch of people telling you their opinion about what you need to be doing which can make things even more confusing. It’s time to make some choices about what’s right for you. Take some time alone to sift through all of the information & figure out what resonates with you. 7 of Cups reversed indicates that you may be unclear about what you are searching for that will fulfill you.  Instead of consuming yourself with active pursuits, take the time to figure out what will be fulfilling for you so you can stop wasting your time doing things that don’t really serve you! 

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Cards of the Day: 3 of Cups, 7 of Wands, & 10 of Wands (reversed)

Today’s theme: success, challenge, & change!

3 of Cups indicates that you are entering a period of fun, success, & love. You will be spending a lot more time hanging out with your loved ones & friends. It’s a good time to look to them for love & comfort especially if you have been going through a difficult or trying time. Nuture the relationships that nuture you! It also indictates that difficult  times are now over & you can look forward to an upward trend in your life. You creativity is now at an all time high. Join with friends to work towards a common goal. 7 of Wands indicates that to overcome any challenges in your life you must stand your ground, draw upon your inner strength,  & be open to self improvement. Also, put in the appropriate effort  & have clarity of purpose. Challenges are meant to make us stronger & more resilient! 10 of Wands reversed indicates that it’s time to let go of all things that no longer positively serve you! Don’t waste your time or energy on activities  (or people) that drain your energy. It’s time to lighten your load & stop carrying the burdens of others. What (or who) is weighing you down? How can  you lighten your load. It may be emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. It’s time to let go of heavy emotions that that are keeping you from being happy. Let go of them so you can fly! 
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Cards of the Week: The Fool, 4 of Swords, 4 of Wands (reversed), Ace of Swords, 8 of Wands (reversed), Queen of Wands, 6 of Pentacles, King of Cups 6 of Cups

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Cards of the Week: The Hermit (Reversed), 5 of Wands (Reversed), Page of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles


This week’s theme: FOCUS!!!!!

The hermit reversed indicates that lately you haven’t had the time to self reflect or meditate. It is important that you make the time to do this so you can gather your thoughts & not be so scattered. You need to go deeper within yourself & remember what your true spiritual purpose is. Making time to spend alone will help you to re-focus on what you truly want to come about within your life. This card also indicates that there may be some of you that have been spending too much time alone. Connecting with friends & family will do wonders for your soul. Don’t get so caught up on your own problems that you cut yourself off from other people. The 5 of wands reversed indicates that this is a time where you MUST focus on your goals. You are starting to realize that being scattered doesn’t get you ANYWHERE & you must on the goals (& priorities) that are truly important to you without constantly adding more to your plate. It also indicates that there may have been a recent conflict &  you must learn forgiveness (if you haven’t learned yet!). Holding on to anger does nothing but lower your vibration. Even if the other person was wrong, forgive them for yourself  & move forward. You don’t have to continue to be close them, but let the situation go so it doesn’t eat away at your subconscious. Page of pentacles also indicates that now is a time where you must FOCUS! You may have started a new project/business venture, starting a new job, or a financial opportunity has come your way. Which ever one it may be it requires your attention & hard work. If you have been wanting to become an entrepreneur, this card indicates that careful planning & focusing will help you to manifest this dream into reality. Don’t hold back now as it is time to receive reward for a job well done. 3 of pentacles indicates that if you continue to work towards your goals without letting setbacks get in your way, you will be successful. You are probably already starting to see the beginning stages of success stirring up in your life.Don’t keep postponing projects because of fear of failure. This card is also associated with collaboration. You may start working with a partner on a new project or will build a team that share a common goal. You know they say “teamwork makes the dream work”. You all can learn from each other & it will help to improve the quality of your work.

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Cards of the Week: Knight of Wands, 2 of Wands (reversed), 9 of Swords (reversed), 3 of Wands (reversed), 5 of Pentacles (reversed), 6 of Wands


The knight of wands indicates that you should take action on ideas or projects at this time. You may be feeling confident about them, as you should! Even though you feel excited about these new ideas/projects & want to get started right away, it would be better if you take your time to plan & think about the long term goal or how you want things to be in the long run. Take calculated risks. This card also indicates that there are quick changes abound, if it hasn’t happened yet (like a new job/career, move to a new residence, a new child, new course of study, etc.). You need to roll with the punches because resistance will only hold you back. 2 of wands reversed indicates that you need to start organizing your long term goals & figure out what exactly you want to achieve. There may be a number of different things you want to achieve but have not figured out how to make it a reality yet. You may also be somewhat afraid to put yourself out there when it comes to your projects although you have A LOT of potential.  Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown because your success is guaranteed. Take a chance, but don’t overlook important details that should be apart of your plans because it will cause a roadblock. 9 of swords reversed indicates that you are stressing yourself out about your situation when it really isn’t that bad. You need to realize the opportunities, tools, & resources available to you. The more you worry, the more things to worry about will appear into your life. Know that everything will be okay no matter what. 3 of wands reversed indicates that you are having trouble actually putting your plans in action because you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you want to accomplish. Try to break this tasks down & make them simpler so they can be more manageable. Also take time to think about all of the “risks” that come with your goals. Look for ways to avoid them. 5 of pentacles indicates that your financial struggles are now over. Utilize your talents to your fullest ability because it will bring you a new source of income. If you don’t know which talents would serve you best, ask your higher self. He/she knows whats best for you. Also, if you have been neglecting your spirituality, now is the perfect time to get back to it. Your spirituality will most likely inspire some of your new ideas/projects. 6 of wands indicates victory & public recognition. You will soon be receiving (if you haven’t already) public recognition for a job well done. This will give you the confidence you need to go forth in your ventures. Focusing your energies will bring you much success. Don’t allow fear to bring you down any longer. Promote yourself more & share your success stories with others, because it will inspire them!

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Full Moon in Aries

On Friday, we will have a full moon in Aries. Its also a super moon (closer to the earth & 30% brighter). The energy of this moon will be quite intense. Emotions may run hot as Aries is known for its temper & extremely passionate nature. Be careful how you react to people & certain situations. You may feel like you must take a stand in your life & speak your truth! Also all of your efforts will finally start paying. Seeds you have planted are starting to sprout! Some of you may be put in a leadership position or in a position where you’re able to call all the shots & may experience resistance from others but don’t let that stop you. With the sun still in Libra you are being asked to be more independent but still apart of a team. Then there’s some of you who will decide to go in business for yourself/that the business that you already own is becoming more successful, or will decide to do something that will make you stand out from the crowd (such as becoming a tarot reader or some type of entrepreneur). Another great trait Aries has is optimism & the ability to uplift others. The full moon in Aries will help you become a lot more optimistic & realize that positive thinking brings positive results. Be who you wanna be, speak your truth, & bring more positivity/joy into your life! 
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Cards of the Week

King of Swords

The Emperor

4 of Pentacles

3 of Swords


4 of Swords

The King of Swords reversed indicates that at this time you may be lacking mental clarity. You may be having a hard time making a decision about what direction to take in life. You probably have many great ideas but don’t know what would be best for you. This indecisiveness may be causing a lack of direction. You need a plan of action and then you need to act on it. The longer you wait to take action the longer it will take for your goals to be reached. Detach from your emotions and be objective when making your decision. The Emperor indicates that you really want your ideas to manifest into reality. You also want the material gain that comes along with it. A major opportunity is coming that will be the foundation of a very successful future for you. It also indicates that you must take on the traits of The Emperor (decisive, organized, wise, strategic,  & systematic) to bring more stability in your life. It can also represent a male figure in your life or entering your life that will bring you a big opportunity or will help to bring out those traits in you. The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you are being stubborn & refusing to make a change even though a new approach us needed at this time. You won’t see a change in your life unless you change yourself. It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. 3 of swords indicates that you need to let go of mistakes/disappointments/heartbreaks from the past even though it may be difficult. Its causing you to not allow change to come into your life. Look at these negative events as learning experiences & chalk it up to the game. But now you know what you don’t want & what not to do. Don’t let negativity from the past ruin the future (or even your present). Justice indicates that if you make well thought out decisions now you will have a successful future. Your decisions & actions have an effect on yor present & future. Also this card asks be fair & just in all of your relationships/with yourself. Be open & honest when communicating with others. 4 of swords indicates that you take time out to meditate on a daily basis. It will help you gain mental clarity. Also get back in touch with your spirituality. This card may also mean that this is a time for you to relax. You have finally overcome challenges in your life & now you must rest & recuperate before you get back into the “swing of things” Reflect on what you learned from these challenges so you can better prepare yourself for the future!

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Weekend Reading

So I gave myself a mini reading & thought that this was a message for everyone as well.

4 of Swords

The Tower

9 of Cups

4 of swords, the tower, 9 of cups: 4 of swords says that you need to take time meditate & reflect. You may even have to strategize a plan of action. You have finally overcame a challenging situation & now you can rest your mind because its over. Reflect on the situation & the lessons learned from it so you are able to face challenges you may have in the future or so you won’t repeat what the lesson. The tower indicates its time to let go! Let go of limiting/difficult situations, old ways of thinking/being. Your foundation is being “shaken” somehow & you’re being asked to just go with it! Don’t be afraid this new phase of life & be open to new people/opportunities that are entering your life. This card also indicates that its time to let walls you have built around yourself to fall down. Allow yourself to be emotionally present. You may have been hurt or have made mistakes in the past but you deserve pleasure & success in your life! The 9 of cups indicates happiness, wishes fulfilled, & spiritual/emotional/physical healing. When you let go of negativity is when true happiness can enter your life & your wishes will be granted. You can’t expect positive outcomes if you’re always thinking of what’s the worst that can happen! 9 of cups is a great card to get in a reading because you can expect your wishes to be fulfilled in the VERY near future. So be careful what you wish for! 

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