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King of Swords

The Emperor

4 of Pentacles

3 of Swords


4 of Swords

The King of Swords reversed indicates that at this time you may be lacking mental clarity. You may be having a hard time making a decision about what direction to take in life. You probably have many great ideas but don’t know what would be best for you. This indecisiveness may be causing a lack of direction. You need a plan of action and then you need to act on it. The longer you wait to take action the longer it will take for your goals to be reached. Detach from your emotions and be objective when making your decision. The Emperor indicates that you really want your ideas to manifest into reality. You also want the material gain that comes along with it. A major opportunity is coming that will be the foundation of a very successful future for you. It also indicates that you must take on the traits of The Emperor (decisive, organized, wise, strategic,  & systematic) to bring more stability in your life. It can also represent a male figure in your life or entering your life that will bring you a big opportunity or will help to bring out those traits in you. The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you are being stubborn & refusing to make a change even though a new approach us needed at this time. You won’t see a change in your life unless you change yourself. It’s time for you to step out of your comfort zone to make your dreams come true. 3 of swords indicates that you need to let go of mistakes/disappointments/heartbreaks from the past even though it may be difficult. Its causing you to not allow change to come into your life. Look at these negative events as learning experiences & chalk it up to the game. But now you know what you don’t want & what not to do. Don’t let negativity from the past ruin the future (or even your present). Justice indicates that if you make well thought out decisions now you will have a successful future. Your decisions & actions have an effect on yor present & future. Also this card asks be fair & just in all of your relationships/with yourself. Be open & honest when communicating with others. 4 of swords indicates that you take time out to meditate on a daily basis. It will help you gain mental clarity. Also get back in touch with your spirituality. This card may also mean that this is a time for you to relax. You have finally overcome challenges in your life & now you must rest & recuperate before you get back into the “swing of things” Reflect on what you learned from these challenges so you can better prepare yourself for the future!

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Weekend Reading

So I gave myself a mini reading & thought that this was a message for everyone as well.

4 of Swords

The Tower

9 of Cups

4 of swords, the tower, 9 of cups: 4 of swords says that you need to take time meditate & reflect. You may even have to strategize a plan of action. You have finally overcame a challenging situation & now you can rest your mind because its over. Reflect on the situation & the lessons learned from it so you are able to face challenges you may have in the future or so you won’t repeat what the lesson. The tower indicates its time to let go! Let go of limiting/difficult situations, old ways of thinking/being. Your foundation is being “shaken” somehow & you’re being asked to just go with it! Don’t be afraid this new phase of life & be open to new people/opportunities that are entering your life. This card also indicates that its time to let walls you have built around yourself to fall down. Allow yourself to be emotionally present. You may have been hurt or have made mistakes in the past but you deserve pleasure & success in your life! The 9 of cups indicates happiness, wishes fulfilled, & spiritual/emotional/physical healing. When you let go of negativity is when true happiness can enter your life & your wishes will be granted. You can’t expect positive outcomes if you’re always thinking of what’s the worst that can happen! 9 of cups is a great card to get in a reading because you can expect your wishes to be fulfilled in the VERY near future. So be careful what you wish for! 

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Cards of the Week: The Fool (reversed), Page of Wands, 7 of Wands, Knight of Swords, The Chariot (reversed), 2 of Swords (reversed)

The Fool & the Page of Wands kind of have similar meanings. Both of are associated with new beginnings & change. They both indicate a new beginning that will transform you forever & it has come to you suddenly/unexpectedly. You may receive some unexpected good news, there may be a birth of a child, you might move to a new place, get a new job/change of career, etc. Or it may even be a creative idea that keeps repeating itself to you. Whatever it is, it has you excited & open to new possibilities. Although you’re excited, you are somewhat hesitant because of your inexperience. The 7 of Wands tells you that even though you might find this new beginning/ new creative idea challenging because of your inexperience, believe in yourself & draw upon your inner strength. If others question you or criticize you, hold your ground with courage & determination. Just like the man on the card you can rise above pettiness & judgment by standing up for yourself. The Knight of Swords is telling you to charge ahead & don’t look back! Use enthusiasm to keep you focused. Don’t let anyone get in your way! Although you must remember to be cooperative with others. Whether it’s with your family, spouse, your spouse’s family, work colleagues, business partner(s), etc. Communicate your wants & needs to others. Teamwork makes the dream work! The Chariot reversed indicates that it is now time to take control of your life! Although we can’t control everything, there are certain things we can control. If you have been struggling, examine what you can do to change your situation. It’s time to live for you & not at the will of others! You may have had to do that in the past & it made you feel powerless/direction-less. Or you may have been forced to deal with other people’s problems! NOT ANYMORE, it’s time to do you & steer your life in the direction you wish to. 2 of Swords reversed somewhat repeats the message of Chariot reversed. If you are struggling to make a decision about what you want to do because of the opinions of others, STOP IT NOW! It’s your life. If you continue to let yourself be ruled by the opinions of others, you will be stuck with indecision forever! Make up your mind & move forward!

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Cards of the Week: 5 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords (reversed), 9 of Pentacles, & 5 of Wands

Have you lost your job, suffered a recent eviction/need somewhere to live, lost something of material value (like a car or something), invested in something you thought would bring you profit? 5 of pentacles indicates a financial loss of some sort. Remember that there are around you to help you. The universe/angels/God force is also there for you. All you have to do is reach out & ask for help. This card also indicates a difficult relationship with money. Do you actually value your money or do you spend it frivolously (which is why you’re in this current situation)? Has money become your only motivation & is your self worth based on how much money or things you have? Does the lack of it cause you stress/anxiety because you have based your self worth on how much you have? What fears do you have about money? Fears & anxiety about money can cause stagnation in your flow of it which can even cause greed because you feel like you will never have enough. Then the cycle continues. 9 of pentacles indicates that some of you may be overworking yourself to keep up with your lifestyle & the loss you’re experiencing is within your personal life. You barely have time to spend with your friends, family, or by yourself. You may not even have time for your true passions You may also be overworking for little pay. Allow this to be a time when you create more harmony in your close relationship & focus on your well being. See if you can cut down on your hours at work so you have more time for your personal life. Don’t focus so much on money (or the lack of it). If there’s a talent or skill that you want to spend more time on, think of ways to turn that into an avenue of income. Work from your heart & invest wisely! 7 of swords indicates that its time to head in a different direction & let go of limiting thought patterns. Don’t let setbacks or losses keep you down. Accept the fact that an abundant mindset brings more abundance into your life. Not overworking yourself/pushing too hard or being anxious (which is what is taught to us ). Lastly, the 5 of wands reversed says “just be”. Relax & know that everything will be okay. The struggle is coming to an end. Also know that this is a time when you must focus on what you truly want to manifest into your life. Stop letting scattered energy keep you from making progress. Stay focused on your key priorities & stop adding more to the list. 

Cards of the Week: The Lovers, The Star (reversed), & Knight of Pentacles

Cards of the week: The Lovers, The Star, & Knight of Pentacles
Have you lost faith in a certain situation or idea? Are you struggling to come to a final decision? Have something happened that caused a change of plans? There may be a dilemma in your life that’s demanding that you take action or make a decision & you are struggling to make the right choice. You may even be feeling blocked or that you’ve tried everything & still don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up just yet! Knight of pentacles is reminding you that with patience, persistence, discipline, & organization, what you want is reachable. Even though it may feel like things are happening slowly just know that every action you take moves you 1 step closer to where you want to be. Ask your higher self what steps to take that will be for your highest good & pay attention to what messages come to you. On another note…these cards may indicate that a new relationship is coming into your life or has entered your life (maybe someone completely new or someone you lost touch with). They may feel like a soulmate…just when you thought love wasn’t “real”. They will make you feel secure. If you are already in a relationship its time to spice things up a little. Things maybe getting a little boring. Try something new together!

Card(s) of the Week: Knight of Cups & 3 of Wands 

Card(s) of the week: knight of cups & 3 of wands
Knight of cups was part of last week’s message. Its repeating to you FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! Are there certain ideas that keep repeating themselves to you?? Do it!!! Or maybe you took my advice last week & started a new project. Although mercury is going retrograde tomorrow, its the perfect time to start planning for a new project or act on a new idea. Buttttt you must slow down & reflect. 3 of wands is telling you to plan & prepare for the new horizons & challenges that lay ahead of you that comes along with these new plans. Step out of your comfort zone & use foresight. You will be successful if you take time to reflect on all the options that are available to you. Realize that you are the creator of your own reality, & if you dream/think of success…that is what you will receive. Also the knight of cups is saying a new person is coming into your life (or has entered your life) & will bring a lot of happy/wonderful times along with them & soon you will be thinking about what the future holds for your relationship (new bf/gf, birth of a child, new business partner, etc.)

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Card of the Week: Ace of Swords




I’m trying to get more into tarot so today I asked the cards what card would be the theme of the week & this one popped out of the deck! Lol. The ace of swords has to do with new mental clarity. Your way of thinking is beginning to change! You may have (or will soon) experienced a sudden “aha” moment or a revelation. You are finally ready to let go of old limited thinking patterns so you can move on to the next stage in your life. You are beginning to realize there is great power within you…but how will you use this new found power? Now is a great time to accomplish your goals whatever they may be because of your focus & great insight. At this time you may also feel the need to stand up for yourself or a cause especially because of all of the injustice that’s been going on in the world. Get up, stand up for your rights (Bob Marley voice lol). You are meant to be here. So make your life worth living! & help those around you see their own worth. (Crystals: malachite, desert rose, mala beads made of rose quartz)

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