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Heyyy guys! So over the weekend I did some thinking. I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate my blog to more spiritual topics. I feel like my purpose is to bring healing to others through my words. & I feel like I can do that through telling people about holistic healing methods, astrology, & any other cool spiritual topics I stumble upon. But don’t worry, I’ll still  give you cool fashion, beauty tips, & talk about cool music hahaha. Just thought I should update y’all on that! Stay tuned though! Today I’m going to be posting about the 2nd house in astrology!


Style Icon of the Week

The style icon of the week is Nicole-freakin-Richie! 

Oh my f-cking goodness…I love Nicole Richie! Ever since I first saw her on “The Simple Life” I thought she was so funny & awesome. Her witty one-liners were so hilarious. But when she was on the show her choice of clothing was…interesting (to say the least). I still loved her though! After a while she lost a bit of weight, cleaned up her act, & her wardrobe. Her style has come such a long way! Now her style is a lot more classy with a bit of that bohemian flair & looks so effortless! Plus her lavender hair is lit (well if it’s still lavender)! Shout out to Nicole Richie! 

Fashion Must Have of the Week: Dark & Moody Nail Polish

Like I said in my last post, 90s fashion is making a major comeback! This decade will forever be known for it’s angsty & grungy “I don’t give a f-ck” look. So you know you gotta have the dark & moody nail polish to go with it! I have a whole bunch of “moody” colored nail polish but “Purple Pizzaz Frost” by NYC is probably my favorite one! I feel like it says “I’m moody & a little angsty but I don’t care! I still like to have fun though!” I bought it at walmart for 3 bucks! Go ‘head & get you some girl (or boy if you’re into that haha)!


Outfit of the Day 💁

As you know, a lot of trends from the 90s are making a major comeback. Which is perfect because I’ve always been a fan of everything 90s. The hair, the fashion, the music, EVERYTHING! But I guess I fell in love for real 5 years ago when my mom started taking me thrifting with her. I used to think it was totally lame because I would never like what she brought back for me. When I finally got to go with her…I was shocked! Bruh, there was so much cute shit for cheap prices! I was a college student so you know I was broke as HELL…so yeah, I fell in love. After a while I started to notice that my wardrobe looked like it was 1995. HAHA. I’m totally rambling. Anyway, like I was saying 90s fashion is making a major comeback! One of the biggest trends of the 90s was the floral skater dress & yes that’s back too! The dress I’m wearing in the picture is from the thrift store but you can find a similar kind in any popular clothing store. Forever 21 is probably the best place to start your search.

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