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Cards of the Week: Knight of Wands, 2 of Wands (reversed), 9 of Swords (reversed), 3 of Wands (reversed), 5 of Pentacles (reversed), 6 of Wands


The knight of wands indicates that you should take action on ideas or projects at this time. You may be feeling confident about them, as you should! Even though you feel excited about these new ideas/projects & want to get started right away, it would be better if you take your time to plan & think about the long term goal or how you want things to be in the long run. Take calculated risks. This card also indicates that there are quick changes abound, if it hasn’t happened yet (like a new job/career, move to a new residence, a new child, new course of study, etc.). You need to roll with the punches because resistance will only hold you back. 2 of wands reversed indicates that you need to start organizing your long term goals & figure out what exactly you want to achieve. There may be a number of different things you want to achieve but have not figured out how to make it a reality yet. You may also be somewhat afraid to put yourself out there when it comes to your projects although you have A LOT of potential.  Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown because your success is guaranteed. Take a chance, but don’t overlook important details that should be apart of your plans because it will cause a roadblock. 9 of swords reversed indicates that you are stressing yourself out about your situation when it really isn’t that bad. You need to realize the opportunities, tools, & resources available to you. The more you worry, the more things to worry about will appear into your life. Know that everything will be okay no matter what. 3 of wands reversed indicates that you are having trouble actually putting your plans in action because you feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you want to accomplish. Try to break this tasks down & make them simpler so they can be more manageable. Also take time to think about all of the “risks” that come with your goals. Look for ways to avoid them. 5 of pentacles indicates that your financial struggles are now over. Utilize your talents to your fullest ability because it will bring you a new source of income. If you don’t know which talents would serve you best, ask your higher self. He/she knows whats best for you. Also, if you have been neglecting your spirituality, now is the perfect time to get back to it. Your spirituality will most likely inspire some of your new ideas/projects. 6 of wands indicates victory & public recognition. You will soon be receiving (if you haven’t already) public recognition for a job well done. This will give you the confidence you need to go forth in your ventures. Focusing your energies will bring you much success. Don’t allow fear to bring you down any longer. Promote yourself more & share your success stories with others, because it will inspire them!

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Card(s) of the Week: Knight of Cups & 3 of Wands 

Card(s) of the week: knight of cups & 3 of wands
Knight of cups was part of last week’s message. Its repeating to you FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! Are there certain ideas that keep repeating themselves to you?? Do it!!! Or maybe you took my advice last week & started a new project. Although mercury is going retrograde tomorrow, its the perfect time to start planning for a new project or act on a new idea. Buttttt you must slow down & reflect. 3 of wands is telling you to plan & prepare for the new horizons & challenges that lay ahead of you that comes along with these new plans. Step out of your comfort zone & use foresight. You will be successful if you take time to reflect on all the options that are available to you. Realize that you are the creator of your own reality, & if you dream/think of success…that is what you will receive. Also the knight of cups is saying a new person is coming into your life (or has entered your life) & will bring a lot of happy/wonderful times along with them & soon you will be thinking about what the future holds for your relationship (new bf/gf, birth of a child, new business partner, etc.)

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The Moon Moves to Leo!



Today the moon moves to Leo (unless your on the west coast…the moon has been in Leo for almost a day) The Moon in Leo makes your inner child want to come out & play! It’s a warm, generous, & loving position. Your pride may keep you from pettiness, but it can also prevent you from opening up & revealing how you are really feeling at the moment. Your feelings may be a little over the top & you may feel like you want more fun & some color in your life. You are easily threatened by anything or anyone that seems impersonal. This is a time when you want attention. You want to stand out for your special qualities. It’s a strong time for romance & any creative activity as well. Here are some things you can do while the moon is in Leo: Creative activities, activities involving children, giving back to the less fortunate, projects you will get recognition for, & risk-taking.



Scorpio, Sagittarius, & Capricorn Moon

Heyyyy guys, I just posted some new videos on my youtube channel for Scorpio, Sagittarius, & Capricorn Moon! Check ’em out below. Also, follow me on twitter & instagram at @TwanyeEast!




Cancer moon, Leo moon, Virgo moon, & Libra moon

Soooooo…I have been slacking again, shaking my head! But I have a computer now so it’s a lot easier for me to post stuff now. I have 4 new videos up for Cancer moon, Leo moon, Virgo moon, & Libra moon. & Since I kept y’all waiting for so long, I’m going to put each video in this post. Thanks for watching & reposting my stuff. Enjoy!!!


Gemini Moon


What’s up followers! So I totally made a video for Gemini Moon & forgot to tell you about it!!! Check out my video to know what the moon represents in your chart & for a detailed description of moon in Gemini. But for now here’s a brief overview of the traits of this placement:

Positive Traits:
-well informed

Negative Traits:
-too talkative
-does too much at once

To watch the video CLICK HERE!

Taurus Moon


Hey guys! So today I’m talking about have a Taurus moon! If you don’t know what a moon sign is check out my moon sign post! Here’s a list of traits that come along with having a Taurus moon:

Positive Traits

Negative Traits
-self indulgent
-closed minded
-money hungry

For a more detailed description CLICK HERE!

Aries Moon


So in my last post I said I was going to be talking about moon signs this week. Today I’m talking about moon in Aries! So here’s a brief overview of the traits of someone with an aries moon: 

Positive Traits
-action oriented

Negative Traits
-quick temper
-too blunt

To watch my video on Aries Moon CLICK HERE!

Moon Signs


Do you know what a moon sign is?  Well first of all unlike the sun the moon circles the zodiac every month & changes sign every 2 days or so. Your moon sign is the 2nd most important sign in your chart with your sun sign being the 1st. The sun sign is what you are learning to be & your moon sign is what you already are. The moon sign represents your emotional nature. Some astrologers say that our moon sign is our unconscious mind & our instinctual motivations. We can truly understand ourselves & our hidden potential when we understand our moon sign. Your moon sign is also associated with your mother & how she nurtures you. This week I’m going to be talking about the moon in each sign!

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