It’s okay to move on!!!

Did you see my cards of the week video on Facebook live  yesterday? (If not, CLICK HERE) Anyway, the wheel of fortune reversed indicates that you may feel out of control of your life & there seems to be negative external forces at play which is true. But you have to think…what part do you have to play in your current circumstances? It may be due to poor decision making or lack of focus. It could also be due to negative thinking. Positive thinkng & taking action now will bring you positive results! Also, it’s time to stop resisting change! You are being called to change something about your life & it may be stressing you out because you’re unsure of yourself. Stop stressing,  it’s okay to move along with these changes. Knight of cups indicates that instead of daydreaming about what you want to do & ideas you may be having, go ahead & do it. Visualizing your desired outcome is a great way to bring them to you but you must do the work to bring them to fruition as well. This card also has to do with positive news or an invitation that will come out of the blue that will bring more wonderful experiences into your life. Pay attention to your dreams (past & recent) because they will give you a lot of insight. The world reversed indicates that if you want to make a change in your life you must follow through on completing tasks/goals. There may also be some of you that are experiencing lack of closure about a certain situation or separation in a relationship. Ask yourself if this relationship or situation positively serves you & your intuition & emotions will tell you if it does or doesn’t. If not, it’s ok to move on…

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