Theme of the day: it’s  time to make some choices! Take time to reflect!

Knight of Wands popped up again this week to remind you that any new projects or ideas that you are beginning to work on are right for you! Also if you are thinking about getting a new job or want to look for a new home go for it! This card is also reminding you to look before you leap & take calculated risks. Using discernment will assure your success & will keep you from making mistakes that come from error in judgement. 2 of swords reversed indicates that you  may be feeling a bit confused because an overload of information is being thrown at you. You can also see all of the options available to you but you just don’t know where to begin. The real also be a bunch of people telling you their opinion about what you need to be doing which can make things even more confusing. It’s time to make some choices about what’s right for you. Take some time alone to sift through all of the information & figure out what resonates with you. 7 of Cups reversed indicates that you may be unclear about what you are searching for that will fulfill you.  Instead of consuming yourself with active pursuits, take the time to figure out what will be fulfilling for you so you can stop wasting your time doing things that don’t really serve you! 

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