Today’s theme: success, challenge, & change!

3 of Cups indicates that you are entering a period of fun, success, & love. You will be spending a lot more time hanging out with your loved ones & friends. It’s a good time to look to them for love & comfort especially if you have been going through a difficult or trying time. Nuture the relationships that nuture you! It also indictates that difficult  times are now over & you can look forward to an upward trend in your life. You creativity is now at an all time high. Join with friends to work towards a common goal. 7 of Wands indicates that to overcome any challenges in your life you must stand your ground, draw upon your inner strength,  & be open to self improvement. Also, put in the appropriate effort  & have clarity of purpose. Challenges are meant to make us stronger & more resilient! 10 of Wands reversed indicates that it’s time to let go of all things that no longer positively serve you! Don’t waste your time or energy on activities  (or people) that drain your energy. It’s time to lighten your load & stop carrying the burdens of others. What (or who) is weighing you down? How can  you lighten your load. It may be emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. It’s time to let go of heavy emotions that that are keeping you from being happy. Let go of them so you can fly! 
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