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February 2017

​Cards of the day: wheel of fortune (reversed), knight of cups, & the world (reversed)

It’s okay to move on!!!

Did you see my cards of the week video on Facebook live  yesterday? (If not, CLICK HERE) Anyway, the wheel of fortune reversed indicates that you may feel out of control of your life & there seems to be negative external forces at play which is true. But you have to think…what part do you have to play in your current circumstances? It may be due to poor decision making or lack of focus. It could also be due to negative thinking. Positive thinkng & taking action now will bring you positive results! Also, it’s time to stop resisting change! You are being called to change something about your life & it may be stressing you out because you’re unsure of yourself. Stop stressing,  it’s okay to move along with these changes. Knight of cups indicates that instead of daydreaming about what you want to do & ideas you may be having, go ahead & do it. Visualizing your desired outcome is a great way to bring them to you but you must do the work to bring them to fruition as well. This card also has to do with positive news or an invitation that will come out of the blue that will bring more wonderful experiences into your life. Pay attention to your dreams (past & recent) because they will give you a lot of insight. The world reversed indicates that if you want to make a change in your life you must follow through on completing tasks/goals. There may also be some of you that are experiencing lack of closure about a certain situation or separation in a relationship. Ask yourself if this relationship or situation positively serves you & your intuition & emotions will tell you if it does or doesn’t. If not, it’s ok to move on…

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Cards of the Day: 8 of Wands, The Sun, & King of Pentacles (Reversed)

Lighten up…it’s only the beginning! 

8 of wands goes along with the theme that just seems to keep popping up this week…new beginnings & quick changes! You may find yourself in a new place of residence, at a new job, or having a lot of new ideas that you are beginning to work on. You probably have a busy day/weekend ahead of you! Got some traveling plans?? It’s time to get a move on & follow through  on plans you’ve been thinking about. At the same time, don’t be so hasty when making decisions. THINK about what you want to do, then do it! The sun indicates it’s time to lighten up a little! Difficult times are now behind you! But in order to “see” that, you must change your perspective. You know how when kids fall they cry & then get back up & continue to play? We must carry that innocence with us. Don’t let negativity keep you down. Get back up again! Positive thoughts brings positive results. King of pentacles reversed also indicates you need to lighten up. Even if you’re not exactly where you want to be in your life at the moment, envisioning the life you want for yourself can bring it to your physical reality! 
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​Cards of the day: knight of wands, 2 of swords (reversed), 7 of Cups (reversed)

Theme of the day: it’s  time to make some choices! Take time to reflect!

Knight of Wands popped up again this week to remind you that any new projects or ideas that you are beginning to work on are right for you! Also if you are thinking about getting a new job or want to look for a new home go for it! This card is also reminding you to look before you leap & take calculated risks. Using discernment will assure your success & will keep you from making mistakes that come from error in judgement. 2 of swords reversed indicates that you  may be feeling a bit confused because an overload of information is being thrown at you. You can also see all of the options available to you but you just don’t know where to begin. The real also be a bunch of people telling you their opinion about what you need to be doing which can make things even more confusing. It’s time to make some choices about what’s right for you. Take some time alone to sift through all of the information & figure out what resonates with you. 7 of Cups reversed indicates that you may be unclear about what you are searching for that will fulfill you.  Instead of consuming yourself with active pursuits, take the time to figure out what will be fulfilling for you so you can stop wasting your time doing things that don’t really serve you! 

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Cards of the Day: 3 of Cups, 7 of Wands, & 10 of Wands (reversed)

Today’s theme: success, challenge, & change!

3 of Cups indicates that you are entering a period of fun, success, & love. You will be spending a lot more time hanging out with your loved ones & friends. It’s a good time to look to them for love & comfort especially if you have been going through a difficult or trying time. Nuture the relationships that nuture you! It also indictates that difficult  times are now over & you can look forward to an upward trend in your life. You creativity is now at an all time high. Join with friends to work towards a common goal. 7 of Wands indicates that to overcome any challenges in your life you must stand your ground, draw upon your inner strength,  & be open to self improvement. Also, put in the appropriate effort  & have clarity of purpose. Challenges are meant to make us stronger & more resilient! 10 of Wands reversed indicates that it’s time to let go of all things that no longer positively serve you! Don’t waste your time or energy on activities  (or people) that drain your energy. It’s time to lighten your load & stop carrying the burdens of others. What (or who) is weighing you down? How can  you lighten your load. It may be emotional baggage that’s weighing you down. It’s time to let go of heavy emotions that that are keeping you from being happy. Let go of them so you can fly! 
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