This week’s theme: FOCUS!!!!!

The hermit reversed indicates that lately you haven’t had the time to self reflect or meditate. It is important that you make the time to do this so you can gather your thoughts & not be so scattered. You need to go deeper within yourself & remember what your true spiritual purpose is. Making time to spend alone will help you to re-focus on what you truly want to come about within your life. This card also indicates that there may be some of you that have been spending too much time alone. Connecting with friends & family will do wonders for your soul. Don’t get so caught up on your own problems that you cut yourself off from other people. The 5 of wands reversed indicates that this is a time where you MUST focus on your goals. You are starting to realize that being scattered doesn’t get you ANYWHERE & you must on the goals (& priorities) that are truly important to you without constantly adding more to your plate. It also indicates that there may have been a recent conflict &  you must learn forgiveness (if you haven’t learned yet!). Holding on to anger does nothing but lower your vibration. Even if the other person was wrong, forgive them for yourself  & move forward. You don’t have to continue to be close them, but let the situation go so it doesn’t eat away at your subconscious. Page of pentacles also indicates that now is a time where you must FOCUS! You may have started a new project/business venture, starting a new job, or a financial opportunity has come your way. Which ever one it may be it requires your attention & hard work. If you have been wanting to become an entrepreneur, this card indicates that careful planning & focusing will help you to manifest this dream into reality. Don’t hold back now as it is time to receive reward for a job well done. 3 of pentacles indicates that if you continue to work towards your goals without letting setbacks get in your way, you will be successful. You are probably already starting to see the beginning stages of success stirring up in your life.Don’t keep postponing projects because of fear of failure. This card is also associated with collaboration. You may start working with a partner on a new project or will build a team that share a common goal. You know they say “teamwork makes the dream work”. You all can learn from each other & it will help to improve the quality of your work.

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