The Fool & the Page of Wands kind of have similar meanings. Both of are associated with new beginnings & change. They both indicate a new beginning that will transform you forever & it has come to you suddenly/unexpectedly. You may receive some unexpected good news, there may be a birth of a child, you might move to a new place, get a new job/change of career, etc. Or it may even be a creative idea that keeps repeating itself to you. Whatever it is, it has you excited & open to new possibilities. Although you’re excited, you are somewhat hesitant because of your inexperience. The 7 of Wands tells you that even though you might find this new beginning/ new creative idea challenging because of your inexperience, believe in yourself & draw upon your inner strength. If others question you or criticize you, hold your ground with courage & determination. Just like the man on the card you can rise above pettiness & judgment by standing up for yourself. The Knight of Swords is telling you to charge ahead & don’t look back! Use enthusiasm to keep you focused. Don’t let anyone get in your way! Although you must remember to be cooperative with others. Whether it’s with your family, spouse, your spouse’s family, work colleagues, business partner(s), etc. Communicate your wants & needs to others. Teamwork makes the dream work! The Chariot reversed indicates that it is now time to take control of your life! Although we can’t control everything, there are certain things we can control. If you have been struggling, examine what you can do to change your situation. It’s time to live for you & not at the will of others! You may have had to do that in the past & it made you feel powerless/direction-less. Or you may have been forced to deal with other people’s problems! NOT ANYMORE, it’s time to do you & steer your life in the direction you wish to. 2 of Swords reversed somewhat repeats the message of Chariot reversed. If you are struggling to make a decision about what you want to do because of the opinions of others, STOP IT NOW! It’s your life. If you continue to let yourself be ruled by the opinions of others, you will be stuck with indecision forever! Make up your mind & move forward!

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