Have you lost your job, suffered a recent eviction/need somewhere to live, lost something of material value (like a car or something), invested in something you thought would bring you profit? 5 of pentacles indicates a financial loss of some sort. Remember that there are around you to help you. The universe/angels/God force is also there for you. All you have to do is reach out & ask for help. This card also indicates a difficult relationship with money. Do you actually value your money or do you spend it frivolously (which is why you’re in this current situation)? Has money become your only motivation & is your self worth based on how much money or things you have? Does the lack of it cause you stress/anxiety because you have based your self worth on how much you have? What fears do you have about money? Fears & anxiety about money can cause stagnation in your flow of it which can even cause greed because you feel like you will never have enough. Then the cycle continues. 9 of pentacles indicates that some of you may be overworking yourself to keep up with your lifestyle & the loss you’re experiencing is within your personal life. You barely have time to spend with your friends, family, or by yourself. You may not even have time for your true passions You may also be overworking for little pay. Allow this to be a time when you create more harmony in your close relationship & focus on your well being. See if you can cut down on your hours at work so you have more time for your personal life. Don’t focus so much on money (or the lack of it). If there’s a talent or skill that you want to spend more time on, think of ways to turn that into an avenue of income. Work from your heart & invest wisely! 7 of swords indicates that its time to head in a different direction & let go of limiting thought patterns. Don’t let setbacks or losses keep you down. Accept the fact that an abundant mindset brings more abundance into your life. Not overworking yourself/pushing too hard or being anxious (which is what is taught to us ). Lastly, the 5 of wands reversed says “just be”. Relax & know that everything will be okay. The struggle is coming to an end. Also know that this is a time when you must focus on what you truly want to manifest into your life. Stop letting scattered energy keep you from making progress. Stay focused on your key priorities & stop adding more to the list.