I’m trying to get more into tarot so today I asked the cards what card would be the theme of the week & this one popped out of the deck! Lol. The ace of swords has to do with new mental clarity. Your way of thinking is beginning to change! You may have (or will soon) experienced a sudden “aha” moment or a revelation. You are finally ready to let go of old limited thinking patterns so you can move on to the next stage in your life. You are beginning to realize there is great power within you…but how will you use this new found power? Now is a great time to accomplish your goals whatever they may be because of your focus & great insight. At this time you may also feel the need to stand up for yourself or a cause especially because of all of the injustice that’s been going on in the world. Get up, stand up for your rights (Bob Marley voice lol). You are meant to be here. So make your life worth living! & help those around you see their own worth. (Crystals: malachite, desert rose, mala beads made of rose quartz)