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July 2016

Custom Made Artwork!

Working on this piece for a customer! I like how its turning out!

 Email me at TwanKaikpo@gmail if you are interested in getting a custom made piece! Serious inquiries only!
Canvas sizes to choose from:




If you want a mandala or henna type pattern:

12×14″- $50




& if you want something done but not on canvas, we can discuss the price via email. I look forward to hearing from you!


4 of Pentacles, The World (Reversed), & The Hermit


4 of pentacles, the world (reversed), the hermit

The 4 of pentacles & the world reversed indicate that you may be resisting change. By resisting this change you are preventing certain “cycles” from ending in your life. You may be sticking to the “tried & true” instead of truly stepping out of your comfort zone. The thing is you actually want to see a change in your  life but you are afraid of taking the steps to make this “change” happen. It’s time to let go of old ways of thinking & have faith that your dreams will come true. You must be patient, determined, & work diligently. Don’t take the easy route. It’s time to let go of financial worries & invest in yourself. Success is guaranteed. Imagine yourself at the finish line. Remember your true purpose & don’t be in it just for the monetary rewards. Also you must let go of past mistakes you have made in your life. That may be another thing that’s preventing change from coming into your life! The hermit continues the theme of what I said about the 8 of cups yesterday. You need to take some time to be by yourself. Meditation will help you to gain insight about what changes you need to make in your life to align you with your purpose. Meditating with rose quartz will help you with letting go of past hurts/mistakes that is preventing your heart chakra from healing (which also prevents you from receiving)!


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