I usually do weekly planetary forecasts but today I really wanted to talk about Neptune going retrograde! So today Neptune goes retrograde (June 13-November 19/20). This will cause your psychic sensitivity/awareness to become much more acute (especially if Neptune is retrograde in your natal chart like myself, have sun, moon, or rising in Pisces, have Neptune in your first house, or feel like you’re a very sensitive person). You will be able to “see” far more than you could while Neptune was direct. You will gain inner vision that will give you an insightful perspective on matters. As your visions become more vivid, it’s VERY important that you “listen” to that inner voice. Talk with people you trust about what you are feeling/sensing because you may experience a psychic overload. Avoid “drugs”, chemicals, & stimulants. Also, protect yourself from people you know with addictive personalities or drain your energy. Neptune retrograde will make you review your desires & opinions. Interpreting dreams, yoga, meditation, astrology, & tarot cards are things you may find interest in at this time. This is also a time for you to let your creativity flow or return to artistic talents you have neglected. Many of you will remember dreams/hopes you forgot about. This is a great time to make them come true since you have more clarity about how to make it happen!