With the Sun being inconjunct with Pluto, you are being forced to focus on details that you rather ignore. It may feel like life is slowing down & becoming uncomfortable. The best thing to do is make things simple for yourself & be patient. Everything happens for a reason & now you are growing/changing in ways that you might not even realize! Allow these changes to “settle” into your life. Make sure to stay involved with your everyday routine. Don’t force things to happen! When Mercury sextiles Chiron this week, you are being encouraged to speak about negative memories or thoughts that influences your way of speaking & thinking in your life now. Because it’s time for you to release them & heal. The new moon in Gemini began this process & Mercury sextile Chiron is asking you to look a little deeper. Talk to someone you really trust or your higher self. Don’t become “addicted” to expressing sorrow & rage! It’s time to gain a deeper understanding of yourself so you can change any negative behavior. Also, Mercury opposes Mars this week, be aware of the frustrations you have with yourself. Look within, what are you really angry about? Whoever you happen to “go off” on…do they really deserve it or did they trigger a memory deep within your subconscious of something  that pissed you off 5 years ago? (Kind of sounds like Chiron sextile Mercury right?) Don’t take your frustrations out on the people that are around you & make sure you pay attention to your tone of speaking, it can cause arguments. Don’t behave harshly/impulsively & be careful while driving. This transit can also become a driving force that helps you reach your goals. Mars trines  Chiron this week as well. This transit, you may become stronger (mentally or physically) & gain sexual confidence. You are also being asked to use the power of your will to heal resentment, accept grief & mourning, & recognize that you create your experience as you make choices. When Venus sextiles Uranus this week, you may find yourself at social meetings & events or situations that call for you to treat others with more respect. You may lose your fear of taking risks & embrace the new/unusual when it comes to romantic involvements & financial undertakings. It’s a good time to invest in things involving electronics, technology, the internet, metaphysics, & the arts. Last not but least, Mercury moves to one of the signs it rules, Gemini! With this transit, it’s easy for you to learn a lot more (even though you may not want to learn about the deeper aspects of the “subject”). Share that knowledge with others. You may have a lot more to say & might want constant mental activity which may cause you to become scattered (especially if you have a lot of interests). Don’t spread yourself too thin. You may take a lot of short trips or become more involved in your community. Have a great week! Let the stars lead your way & let love fill your days!

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