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June 2016

8 of Cups & The Lovers!



So today I asked my higher self for guidance that would help me & other people & these cards came up!

8 of cups & the lovers

The 8 of cups indicates it is time to take a deeper look at yourself & your life. Ask yourself what you can do to bring satisfaction & joy to your life, but not in the material sense. Do you know what your true purpose is? At this time you may even want to escape the busy-ness of life to pursue spiritual goals. You may be at the beginning of a journey to discovering your true inner self & the reason why you are really here. Some of you may be feeling disappointed because you feel like you have been trying to move forward in your life but haven’t made much progress (trust me I totally understand!) or have given so much but haven’t received much in return. But the lovers indicate that going on this “journey” will help you become more clear about your own belief system & know what’s really important in life. It’s time to stay true to yourself. Be authentic & genuine. Something is coming up (or has come up) that will/has altered your plans…just know that it is a blessing in disguise. There’s also decisions that have to be made & it’s important that you make the right one because of how it will effect your life in the long run. Also remember that the easiest path isn’t always the right one. Ask your higher self what steps you should take next. Both of these cards are telling you it’s time to look within yourself for answers.


Full Moon in Sagittarius!



Today we have a full moon in Sagittarius! It’s the summer solstice! The sun & the moon are at their “peak” & makes us more aware of negative patterns that need to be changed within our mind, our relationships, & in our lives in general. Since this full moon makes a trine with Uranus (in Aries), a sudden awakening may occur & now you may see your future from a brighter perspective. Trust your “higher moral” conscious to figure out the truth. If you have been feeling confused lately, you will now become aware of what steps you need to take. Also, the square the moon makes with Chiron indicates that it is time for us to overcome the limitations related to our wounds & fears so we can regain our personal power.


Happy Birthday 2pac!


Happy birthday to legendary Gemini 2pac Shakur! He was a Gemini with an Aries moon. That explains his rebellious nature & why he was so blunt! Rest in peace!

Neptune Goes Retrograde Today!



I usually do weekly planetary forecasts but today I really wanted to talk about Neptune going retrograde! So today Neptune goes retrograde (June 13-November 19/20). This will cause your psychic sensitivity/awareness to become much more acute (especially if Neptune is retrograde in your natal chart like myself, have sun, moon, or rising in Pisces, have Neptune in your first house, or feel like you’re a very sensitive person). You will be able to “see” far more than you could while Neptune was direct. You will gain inner vision that will give you an insightful perspective on matters. As your visions become more vivid, it’s VERY important that you “listen” to that inner voice. Talk with people you trust about what you are feeling/sensing because you may experience a psychic overload. Avoid “drugs”, chemicals, & stimulants. Also, protect yourself from people you know with addictive personalities or drain your energy. Neptune retrograde will make you review your desires & opinions. Interpreting dreams, yoga, meditation, astrology, & tarot cards are things you may find interest in at this time. This is also a time for you to let your creativity flow or return to artistic talents you have neglected. Many of you will remember dreams/hopes you forgot about. This is a great time to make them come true since you have more clarity about how to make it happen!


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The Moon Moves to Leo!



Today the moon moves to Leo (unless your on the west coast…the moon has been in Leo for almost a day) The Moon in Leo makes your inner child want to come out & play! It’s a warm, generous, & loving position. Your pride may keep you from pettiness, but it can also prevent you from opening up & revealing how you are really feeling at the moment. Your feelings may be a little over the top & you may feel like you want more fun & some color in your life. You are easily threatened by anything or anyone that seems impersonal. This is a time when you want attention. You want to stand out for your special qualities. It’s a strong time for romance & any creative activity as well. Here are some things you can do while the moon is in Leo: Creative activities, activities involving children, giving back to the less fortunate, projects you will get recognition for, & risk-taking.



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Painting for sale!
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Now Accepting Clients For Astrology Readings!



Do you know what an astrological birth chart is? Its a snapshot of the planets at the time of your birth. Your birth chart can tell you about your hidden potential & challenges you have in this lifetime!

This 30 minute reading is given over the phone. It will include:
-Explanation of what each planet represents in your chart
-Interpretation of planets in the signs
-Interpretation of planets in the houses
-Interpretation of natal retrograde planets if any
-Suggestions of crystals that can help you

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