(New Beginnings. Inspiration. Innovation. Virility.)

This card indicated new & positive beginnings related to your work/career. If you are looking for a new position, something will appear for you very soon (if it hasn’t already). Be bold & ask the universe for what you want/need . You are likely to become more successful than you ever imagined! You may be feeling upbeat, optimistic, & hopeful about the future (& if you’re not you will have reason to be soon). It’s a good time to start something new. What will you begin? Your finances are about to take a turn for the better in terms of fortune & wealth! You may receive gifts of money or an inheritance. The gift may not be money but will be valuable to you & the person that gives it to you. If you’re single, a new love may be heading your way. Make yourself available for love, don’t be afraid. If you are already in a relationship, it’s about to undergo a “new beginning” & will rise to new levels of understanding each other. Express your feelings to your lover. This is an excellent time to begin a new health regime. Start where you are. If this means exercising for 2 minutes a day & adding vegetables to your meal once a week, try it! The pay off will be huge. Keep in mind that your mind is more connected to your body than you think. This card also indicates a new spiritual influence coming into your life. Who are your spiritual “role models”? If you don’t have any, find some! Help is available if you’re open to it!