Imagination. Dreams. Fantasy. Mystery.

(This message may apply to you if your ascendant/ rising  or moon sign is Taurus)

This card indicates that things may be a little confusing for you right now. You may find it hard to understand others & even to understand yourself. It’s important that you don’t force things to happen or force others to do things. Right now you may be feeling more “intuitive” than usual. It’s important that you trust your instincts/impressions, even though you’re not quite sure where they’re coming from. So if you feel like something (someone) isn’t right trust that feeling. Stay patient if you’re waiting for an answer from someone. Things having to do with your career  may seem unclear at the moment. Don’t fret. The universe/ your intuition will tell you what moves you need to make! Things aren’t as bad as they seem. It may be a highly emotional time in your love relationship (& your other relationships as well). There may be a lot of fighting & tension. Take some time to yourself. & If you’re going to fight, fight fairly. No low blows. Pick & choose your battles. & Don’t  rush to end the relationship. In money matters, this is not a good time to make business decisions unless it’s based on concrete facts. Spend wisely. When it comes to your heath, trust your intuition. If a diagnosis doesn’t “feel” right get a second opinion. It’s also a very spiritual time for you. Gain some spiritual knowledge. You are more psychically open now, so it’s important to pay attention to your dreams & flashes of info that seem to come out of nowhere!