Fairness. Clarity. Impartiality. Law & Order

(This message may apply to you if your rising/ascendant or moon sign is Pisces)

This card deals with the idea of karma & the law of cause & effect. You reap just what you sow. You may be called to deal with the results of the actions of someone you care about which can be difficult because you didn’t cause them. Don’t blame yourself. You need more fairness, balance, & harmony in your life. This includes how you think about & treat yourself. If you happen to be dealing with a court case, things will work out in your favor. In the love department there may be some of you Pisces that decide to leave a relationship because you feel that you are being treated unfairly. If that’s not the case than it means you need more balance when it comes to your relationship.  Is there enough give & take in the relationship? Are you making time for yourself or are you always with your partner? Same thing goes for work. Are you more focused on your job than your personal life? Or are you more focused on your personal life than work? If you’re more focused on your personal life, it’s time to become equally focused on your career. It needs your attention. Balance between work & play are emphasized when this card shows up. This card can also indicate that money you weren’t expecting is coming your way. It’s a great time to invest in your interests. In terms of health, pay attention to how you are (or not) staying balanced. What is your body telling you? Moderation is key, but don’t deprive yourself. It’s time to work on being grounded & more “connected” to earth. You can be “in the world” but not “of the world”. Working on keeping the proper perspective will help you stay centered.