Unity. Domestic Harmony. Optimism. Wholeness.

(This message may apply to you if your rising/ascendant or moon sign is Libra)

This card is a very uplifting one. It points to happiness. Perhaps in a “mature” & “grown up” kind of way. This card also has to do with a happy “family” life (family can mean close friends & your spouse/significant other as well). You may also be feeling more spiritually fulfilled as well. Live in the moment & seize the day. You’re radiating positive vibes that you should share with others as well. Especially with those around you that are feeling really down about life. If you have been worrying about your relationship, this card is message to you that you have nothing to worry about. You & your partner are on the same page. If you’re in a “situationship” & haven’t made things official yet, don’t worry! It’s coming. Don’t cause problems where there aren’t any (but don’t sweep any problems under the rug). This card also indicates that you have reached a point of being “indispensable” at your job because of how long you’ve been there. You should still remember that anything can happen & you can be replaced. So don’t just get “comfortable”. You don’t seem to be having any money problems at the moment because you may be at a prosperous period in your life (or about to enter one). Make sure all of your hard work is paying off money wise. Share your wealth with others as well.Your health may be way better lately especially if  you have been having some issues. Consider what steps you can take to keep yourself healthy (if you haven’t considered them already) like eating healthy & exercising more.