Cleansing. Spiritual Quest. Travel. Moving on

(This message may apply to you if your rising/ascendant or moon sign is Gemini)

This card usually means you will choose to leave a situation that is no longer working for you. It may be a job, a relationship, or the place where you live. Just know that good times are ahead of you if you’re sad about “endings”. If your intuition is telling you to make those changes, DO IT instead of waiting for it to “just happen”. One door has to close before the other one can open. Your current job may no longer be appropriate for you & you may feel bored or under appreciated. Trust those feelings. If you feel like things won’t change for the better, it’s time to move on. Don’t just stay because of a secure paycheck. If you have been thinking about working for yourself, go for it! With foresight & planning success will be yours. Stress may be causing a few health problems. Keep a positive attitude & make sure you pay attention to your diet, do some yoga, & get some rest. You need to spend some time alone in meditation. You will find depth & wisdom in solitude & in listening to that small voice inside of you!