Consideration. Understanding. Dignity. Protectiveness. Passion.

(This message may apply to you if your rising/ascendant or moon sign is Aquarius)

This card indicates the “male & “female” parts of yourself becoming balanced. Or it can indicate a literal man in your life that is kind, loving, & supportive of you. This card is a reminder that you are supported by the universe in ways that are seen & unseen! Remember to nurture yourself & let others nurture you too. When it comes to work, there may be a male boss or co-worker who is very much on your team. Ask him for help if you need it. You are appreciated & respected on your job more than you know. If you’re looking for work, there may be a male that offers you an opportunity.  Don’t avoid the reality of your financial situation. Start working with what you have. If you’re low on cash, you should still be generous. Even if your financial situation is a bit “modest” at the the moment, you can still “share” your time. This will bring abundance/prosperity into your life.  In regards to your love life, this card points to someone coming into your life that is balanced & level headed. If you are already in a relationship, you are starting to realize that your partner keeps you balanced & level headed. Know that you can always depend on them. When it comes to your health, trust any advisers you may have & the healer within yourself. Treat your body with care & compassion. Pay attention to what you’re feeding your body (foods, thoughts, etc.). In terms of spirituality, you are being asked to combine compassion, love, & concern (feminine part of yourself) with action, accomplishment, & discernment (masculine part of yourself). Start drawing boundaries for yourself. Yoga may helpful to you at this time.