Astrology forecast for May 30-June 5, 2016!

This week there’s a new moon in Gemini! This new moon asks you to commit to your personal goals that express the positive traits of Gemini (like being organized, being more rational, learning useful information, etc.). It’s the to improve your communication skills. You should listen to others more & make an effort to understand their point of view. This is a great time to become more aware of how you communicate with others. Do you speak in a nonthreatening manner? How much information do you take in from others? Venus is very active this week. When the sun conjuncts Venus, relating to others becomes your main focus & harmony/diplomacy is your goal. You will feel moved to express your loving feelings towards others. You may have a strong desire for pleasure now. Have fun but don’t over do it! You may even begin to feel harmony between the “male” & “female” aspects of yourself which creates inner peace. With Venus squaring Jupiter & Neptune this week it creates even more desire for pleasure. Try your best not to overspend or over indulge. Also try not to overstate your feelings or have unrealistic expectations for your relationships or promise more than you can deliver! Venus also opposes Saturn & squares Uranus this week. An element of seriousness might overtake your relationship. An incident may occur that makes you feel unsatisfied, unloved, & criticized so you will want to “break free” or keep others at arms length. But in a way you may be creating those feelings yourself because of your fear of being truly close to others. Watch out for that! Have a great week! Let the stars lead your way & let love fill your days!