This week:
Venus moves to Gemini
Venus opposes Mars
Mars moves back to Scorpio
Jupiter squares Saturn

Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini this week! With this change you might end up with your eggs in a whole bunch of baskets. Don’t scatter your forces! Or else you will end up spreading yourself too thin. This transit may make you more social, talkative, (especially now that mercury is direct again!) & will lighten up your mood if you’ve been bogged down by too many responsibilities. Have some fun. Since Venus also opposes Mars this week there may be some conflict in your close relationships but Venus in Gemini will help you guys talk it through & come up with rational solutions or a compromise. You guys love each other…no need for power struggles. Since Mars is still retrograde it moves back to Scorpio this week. This transit is asking you to look within yourself & become more aware of how you use your power, what is your energy spent on (& is it worth it), are you trying too hard to control certain outcomes or others? Also, are you holding on to any guilt, shame, or repressed emotions that surround sex? Last but not least, Jupiter squares Saturn this week which may be a little challenging. Structures & beliefs you have had may be beginning to break down  causing uncertainty about your future.You may even deal with some criticism from your family or be dealing with something that is limiting you. A lot like Mars in Scorpio you’re being asked to look within yourself but with transit your being called to look at the belief patterns that have been limiting you. & Also how the beliefs of your family limit you. If certain people don’t agree with how you live your life…don’t get mad at them. Just accept that y’all are on different wavelengths & always remain happy with yourself!