citrine- increases happiness & productivity. brings an influx of good fortune (maybe for that new business you want to start)

gem silica- makes you more flexible (sometimes you can be too stuck in your ways), enhances creativity & promotes thyroid health.

howlite- excellent for overactive mind (your mind moves a mile a minute), relieves anxiety, can calm difficult communications.

moonstone- opens the heart to nurturing qualities as well as assisting in the acceptance of love (sometimes your shell blocks everyone out!). Harmonizes body with the moon.

sunstone- adds warmth to your personality, enhances leadership qualities (this leadership brings aspects of responsibility for being of service & aiding others to help themselves on their journey.

carnelian- gives you ambition, confidence, & courage to move forward on a new path (for all of my shy Virgos). Aids in making clear decisions for your self & career path.

rose quartz- promotes compassion & peace (well for you it enhances those traits within you). Supports a deeper connection with your friends, family, & groups of people.

malachite- draws deep emotions to the surface (you tend to keep your hurt feelings deep down inside), facilitates psychic vision, & absorbs toxic energies

lapis lazuli- helps you on your search for truth & enlightenment (a lot of you sags love higher knowledge), relieves anger & intensifies your psychic abilities.

snowflake obsidian- heals karmic patterns & harmful/stressful thinking patterns (you caps stress yourself out!), also helps to heal depression.

amethyst- enhances intuition, promotes balance (for some of you that go to extremes), can enhance flexibility (you’re another sign that can be really stubborn)

calcite- this is a grounding stone & helps you stay centered (for all of you fishes that tend to drift away), promotes creativity, & enhances your imagination