If you keep up with my blog, you probably have seen my posts about each one of the chakras. If you haven’t, let me give you some info on them. Well, the word Chakra is Sankrit for “wheel”. Chakras are the 7 wheels or energy centers in our body that help keeps our mind, body, & spirit balanced. But when our chakras aren’t aligned we become exposed to diseases (mental, physical, & spiritual). Some ways to heal your chakras back to health are by using crystals & herbs. Herbs & crystals have very powerful vibrations that are able to connect us back to mother earth. That’s probably why they have been used for centuries to heal many different ailments. They help to stimulate your chakras & clear the psychic debris. It also has a great effect on your physical body!

Here’s some herbs & crystals that will heal your chakras!

Root chakra (red): Responsible for making us feel grounded physically & emotionally. When imbalanced, you may have issues with your legs, feet, rectum, or your immune system. You may also experience feelings of depression, anger, or may feel scattered.

Herbs: dandelion root, sage, ginger, or elderflowers
Crystals: carnelian or snowflake obsidian

Sacral Chakra (orange): Responsible for our creativity & sexual energy. It’s also responsible for our manifestations. When imbalanced, you may experience eating disorders, reproductive issues, urinary tract infections, anxiety, phobias, & fevers

Herbs: calendula flowers or hibiscus
Crystals: citrine or peach moonstone

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow): Responsible for our thoughts & self control. When imbalanced, you may experience low self-esteem, depression, & anxiety. You may also experience issues with your digestive system, liver, or kidneys as well.

Herbs: rosemary, fennel root, or ginger root
Crystals: sunstone or tiger’s eye

Heart Chakra (green): Responsible for expressing love, compassion, & forgiveness. When imbalanced, you may experience a disconnection from others, issues with love yourself or others, a lack of empathy, poor circulation, lack of motivation, & the inability to heal.

Herbs: hawthorne berry
Crystals: rose quartz or green tourmaline

Throat Chakra (light blue): Responsible for our self expression, speech, & communication. When imbalanced, you may experience issues with your thyroid, laryngitis, co-dependency, may feel like you can’t express your thoughts or feelings, lack of confidence, of difficulty in thinking before speaking.

Herbs: red clover blossom or lemon grass
Crystals: lapis lazuli or gem silica

Third Eye Chakra (indigo): Responsible for our intuition. It’s also the seat of our consciousness (pineal gland). When imbalanced, you may experience issues with connecting to your intuition, lack of imagination, weakness in the ears or eyes, headaches, insomnia, or nightmares.

Herbs: mint, eyebright, or lemon (I know this isn’t a herb but it helps!)
Crystals: labadorite or cat’s eye moonstone

Crown Chakra (purple): Responsible for connecting us to the universal or source energy. Also, it’s responsible for wisdom & enlightenment. When imbalanced, you may feel out of touch with your divinity, lack of direction or purpose, nervous system difficulties, or mental illnesses.

Herbs: lavender, lotus root or petals
Crystals: amethyst or quartz

Here’s some links you should check out (just so you some links have different opinions about which herbs/crystals go with each chakras but I provided the links so you can make your own judgement):

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**If you’re pregnant please consult your doctor before consuming any of these herbs**