So before I went on my hiatus I was telling you guys about the houses in astrology! Astrology houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs & planets operate. Instead of just describing the outward experience & the circumstances of the person’s environment that’s specified by traditional astrology, the houses also reveal their inner state, personal subjective experience, & attitudes. There are 12 different houses that are associated with each sign. & This post is about the 10th house!

The 10th house is ruled by Saturn & the zodiac sign Capricorn! This house represents our persona, status, reputation, & what we are able to achieve in the world through our career. This is where we are completely exposed. The signs/planets we have in this house are on display wether we want them to be or not. This house is also where we define our role in the world! To watch my videos about what it means to have planets in this house CLICK HERE!