Hey guys! As you know, I’ve been doing posts on the astrological houses. What are houses you ask? In astrology houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs & planets operate. Instead of just describing the outward experience & the circumstances of the person’s environment that’s specified by traditional astrology, the houses also reveal their inner state, personal subjective experience, & attitudes. There are 12 different houses that are associated with each sign. & This post is about the 9th house!

The 9th house is associated with the sign Sagittarius & the planet Jupiter. This is the house that asks the question “why”. The focus of this house is how we fit into the world by traveling, learning, & discussing what we’ve learned. This is one of the universal houses (the 11th house is the other one). The 9th house also has to do with higher education, expansion, philosophy, spirituality, & seeing the bigger picture. Whatever you have in the 9th house can bring you “luck”.

Want to watch my video on having planets in the 9th house & having a 9th house stellium? CLICK HERE!

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  • For a basic reading (that will include your birth chart, life path number, explanation of the planets, the planets in the signs, the planets in the houses, & your ascendant) is $25.
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Send me an email at TwanKaikpo@gmail.com with your date of birth (month, day, & year), time of birth, & location or birth & tell me which reading you want. Then, I will reply with payment instructions. It’s really important that you know all of this information for it to be ACCURATE!