Heyyy guys! I know I’ve been slacking on these posts. I have Gemini occupying my 12th house cusp…& let me just tell you…it makes me so scatterbrained! My mind is always all over the place & I find it so hard to focus. It’s also hard to stay consistent…my days never go as “planned”. Well actually I’m not sure if I actually know how to plan things well. I’m a Virgo…shouldn’t I be good at that? Anyway…

Today I’m going to be posting about the 8th house. You know…the 8th house gets a bad wrap! Every time I read about the 8th house it’s always about sex & death! But there’s more to it. The 8th house does have to do with death but not always actual death. It also has to do with figurative death, dying & rebirthing into something new! Then there’s the whole “sex thing”. Yes the 8th house has to do with sex but it also has to do with intimacy. Intimacy doesn’t always have to just be about sex. You can be intimate with anyone because intimacy is that closeness you may have with your best friend or even your family. The 8th house also has to do with taboo subjects such as the occult, spirituality, & the hidden mysteries of life. Taxes, inheritances, windfalls, & joint finances (or other people’s money) is also governed by the 8th house!

If you want to know about having planets in the 8th house or about having an 8th house stellium CLICK HERE!

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