Do you know what the term “1st house” or “2nd house” means? & No I don’t mean the 1st or 2nd house up the street. In astrology houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs & planets operate. Instead of just describing the outward experience & the circumstances of the person’s environment that’s specified by traditional astrology, the houses also reveal their inner state, personal subjective experience, & attitudes. There are 12 different houses that are associated with each sign & today I’m going to be talking about the 6th house.

The 6th house is known as the house of health & daily life. Some other websites say that it’s also known as the house of jobs. The creativity of the 5th house is honed & perfected in the 6th house. This house is where we acknowledge our responsibilities such as work, bills, health, etc.. Whatever planets you have in the 6th house can also show how we can be of service to others, the type of jobs you might be interested in, & health problems you may have. I’ve also read that whatever planets you have in the 6th house can show what you try to perfect.

To watch my video on planets in the 6th house & having a 6th house stellium CLICK HERE!

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