Heyyyyy you! You know you want an astrology/numerology reading! Astrology & numerology has been helping people break negative patterns & realize their highest potential for years! It can help you too. My readings are super accurate. & If you don’t believe me, just ask my customers!!

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  • For a basic reading (that will include your birth chart, life path number, explanation of the planets, the planets in the signs, the planets in the houses, retrograde planets, & your ascendant) is $25.
  • For a semi in depth reading (includes everything from the basic reading plus the house cups & part of fortune) is $30.
  • For the super in depth reading (that includes everything from the 1st two kind of readings plus the aspects. For example “sun trine moon” or “moon sextile Venus”) is $40.

Send your BIRTHDAY (MONTH/DAY/YEAR), TIME OF BIRTH, & LOCATION OF BIRTH to TwanKaikpo@gmail.com! It’s very important that you know all of this info so your reading can be accurate!