Do you know what the term “1st house” or “2nd house” means? & No I don’t mean the 1st or 2nd house up the street. In astrology houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs & planets operate. Instead of just describing the outward experience & the circumstances of the person’s environment that’s specified by traditional astrology, the houses also reveal their inner state, personal subjective experience, & attitudes. There are 12 different houses that are associated with each sign & today I’m going to be talking about the 1st house.

The 1st house is the “house of self” & is ruled by Aries. It’s the home of the ascendant (your rising sign or the sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth), but you can have other signs/planets in your 1st house as well. You will always have a rising/ascendant but wont always have planets in the 1st house. Traits from whatever sign/planet you have in the 1st house is a distinct part of your personality & is usually people’s first impression of you. For example, I’m a Virgo with an Aries moon & a Cancer rising/ascendant. So that means that Cancer is in my 1st house. When people first meet me they usually say I seem sweet & somewhat shy/quiet. I am Cancer-like, but when you really get to know me you start to realize I’m very sassy (Aries moon) & that I have a very sarcastic sense of humor (Virgo sun). I also have Chiron (in Leo) & Vesta in the 1st house (in Leo). I have distinct traits from those planets/signs that are usually apart of people’s first impression of me but those aren’t my risings. Hopefully I haven’t lost you! Hahaha. Anyway, the signs or planets you have in the 1st house is how you can realize your greatest potential. The 1st house governs the physical body, the way we present ourselves to the world & our outlook on life. This house also has to do with early childhood because that is what shapes our outlook on life. It shows us the person we are & what we will become.

CLICK HERE to watch my video on the 1st house. I talk about having planets in the 1st house & having a 1st house stellium (3 or more planets in a certain house)

I also have videos for risings/ascendants:

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