As some of you know I have a channel on YouTube & I talk about astrology/numerology. Astrology is 1 of the most taboo subjects in society because a lot of people don’t think it’s real…because of generic readings given in apps, in the newspaper/magazines, etc. most of those readings don’t dig deeper! But I’m here to tell you astrology is real. (I know from experience! That’s why I ❤️astrology so much!) that’s where your astrological birth chart & your life path number comes in! By knowing your birthdate, your place of birth, & time of birth you can know how the planets were aligned when you were born. Your birth chart will mention your sun sign (the sign you were born under. Example: I’m a Virgo) but other signs that make up your personality. It can tell you why you’re drawn to certain people & different types of things. By knowing that info you can unlock hidden potential & break negative patterns. & Your life path number can do the same as well. I decided to bring my talents to wordpress since I’ve been getting such awesome feedback on YouTube! I’m doing astrology readings today! So if you know your birth info that I mentioned above, send me your email & I can do a reading for you!

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  • For a basic reading (that will include your birth chart, life path number, explanation of the planets, the planets in the signs, the planets in the houses, & your ascendent) is $25.
  • For a semi in depth reading (includes everything from the basic reading plus the house cups & part of fortune) is $30.
  • For the super in depth reading (that includes everything from the 1st 2 kind of readings plus the aspects. For example “sun trine moon” or “moon sextile Venus”) is $40.

If you want me to do a reading for you via skype, the prices are still the same.

Also check out my YouTube channel! I talk about astrology & numerology on there! CLICK HERE!