If you’re “team natural” like myself I know it’s hard to find the right products that will add moisture to your hair without making it greasy! Also, it’s hard to find a product that doesn’t leave so much yucky build-up. When you have dreads, that’s crucial because it’s so easy for build-up & dirt to get stuck between the new growth & where the locked part of the dread begins. It’s SOOO hard to wash out! I believe I have finally found one of the best (& cheapest) hair products sent from the gods of natural hair heaven. It adds moisture to your hair, it’s lightweight, & it doesn’t leave all that build-up so it’s easy to wash out! What is it? If you haven’t guessed by now from the title it’s Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner! 

DO NOT BE ALARMED! It says hair conditioner but it’s not the kind you have to wash out! I know y’all remember Blue Magic! I remember getting the blue kind & the green kind for 3 or 4 bucks at the beauty supply store when I was a kid. It would be in a big ass jar. I discovered Blue Magic Coconut Oil one day when I wandered into the family dollar down the street from my mom’s house. It was about $3 & change so I was like “nah bruh I have to buy this…I love coconut oil & I love Blue Magic”. I’ve been in love ever since! I use it to moisturize my scalp & re-twist my dreads. It makes my hair so shiny & feel so soft! I let my boyfriend use it on his dreads & now he’s in love too. I have bad news though guys…sometimes it’s hard to find this kind because it’s not as popular as the blue & green kind. Someone should write Blue Magic a strongly worded letter telling them their coconut oil “flavor” is one of the best hair products ever made! Also, they have to make sure they sell it at every beauty supply store & every “ethnic” hair care section in walmart & family dollar. Anyway…readers you should totally buy this product.

Tip: Use this product when your hair is damp for the best results. Also don’t use big globs of it in your hair. You will just be asking for a big greasy mess!