Check out my artwork! This is my painting “Mer-Twan”. It’s supposed to be me as a mermaid haha.

    A while ago, I had a weird dream. I was playing with my 5 year old niece and I was holding this ugly looking doll. Then I broke it in half and found a mermaid inside of it. It made me really happy and then I gave it to my niece. There were some other parts I don’t remember, but that’s the part I remember the most. When I woke up, I was so confused but then I looked up mermaid symbolism and my dream finally made sense. Seeing a mermaid in your dream represents the mystical and magical part of yourself. It also represents the part of yourself that transcends the logical mind. Like your inner knowing or intuition. What I took from the dream was that I am special, creative, intuitive, and that I should always follow my heart. I also need to teach my niece the same thing so she doesn’t get caught up in the “stiffness” of society.

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