Hello there people! So lately I’ve been trying to be more healthy because my skin is so freaking sensitive. It’s effected by literally everything…especially food! I kept wondering if there was a way to strengthen my immune system & detox my body (because your skin is like a sponge…it absorbs everything) but tastes good! I’ve tried lemon water which did wonders for my skin but it was so sour (Makes “damn this shit is sour as hell” face) & I stopped drinking it. Then it hit me…why don’t I add other fruits to the water! Well I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen someone do this before but I didn’t understand it. Hahaha. But now I do. Fruits are antioxidants. Adding them to your diet strengthens your immune system & removes all the bad stuff that might be running through your blood stream due to an unhealthy diet or disease. Then water is just the ultimate healing agent so fruit in water is probably the best thing…like EVER.

Take a look at my detox water: 

This isn’t hard to do at all! All you need are 3-4 different kinds of fruit (actually that’s up to you…I just like how cool it looks with all the different kinds of fruit! Haha!), a knife, a water bottle or cup, & water!

  1. Cut up your fruit. That’s so the juices from the fruit can flow into the water. Make sure the pieces are cut down to a size where you can get the fruit into the water bottle (if you’re using one).
  2. Put all of the fruit into the water bottle or cup.
  3. Pour water into the water bottle or cup & then shake it up! (Unless you’re using a cup…if you are please STIR! I mean if you wanna make a mess then shake! Haha.)

Then voila, you have your detox water! Try it out & let me know how you liked it!