So there’s this hairstyle that I get to do with my hair since it’s long enough now! Here’s how it looks: 

Cute right? Okay here’s what you do:

1. Wash your hair! Just so it’ll look & feel clean. Also so your hair is easier to tame. 

2. Towel dry your hair. Let it air dry until it’s damp. 

3. Use some type of hair moisturizer. Put a good amount all over your head (not too much, don’t want your hair to be greasy lol) & put some on your scalp. I use blue magic coconut oil. (Got it for $4 at family dollar!)

4. Just so your hair will look neat, palm twist your dreads. Then, take 3 or 4 dreads & twist them into Bantu knots. Use rubber bands to keep them in place.

5. Tie your hair up & keep the knots in over night. Take them out the next morning & then BOOM, your dready for the world! (Yes I said dready!)